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The various, lush Saint Augustine, Florida seminar locations are chosen to be just blocks away from the fabulous historical district. Located on the northeast coast of Florida, this beautiful city was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and is officially the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.
It's vast historic district features numerous buildings from it's Spanish colonial era, elegant Mediterranean Revival style hotels from it's Victorian era heyday, and a sweeping bay front dotted with a variety of pleasure boats on moorings.
Saint Augustine's old world ambiance draws millions of visitors to the area every year and likewise attracts a culturally diverse and widely traveled population!
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Bridge of Lions at night
Casa Monica Hotel partial view
Lightner Museum
Flagler College partial view
Matanzas River
Bay from Castillo San Marcos
Mediterranean rooftops downtown
St George Street at night
The Sales and Customer Service Skills Enhancement Seminar PDF Print E-mail


Program Description:

There are many seminars available that are designed to develop sales and customer service skills. Many of these programs may be helpful but are usually quite general in their approach. While we recommend many of these programs, the advantage of the Inglish Motivational Enhancement ("ME") Method System is the long-lasting life changing impact it has on the "whole" person, not just the sales and customer service aspect of the person's life.

Our approach is customized to the needs and opportunities for improvement of the individual as determined through our highly sophisticated assessment packages. The program is both efficient and effective because we can address specific challenges and opportunities.


Where many programs concentrate on environment, our system is more focused on the overall improvement of the total individual. Indeed the “whole” person comes to work and it is the changes in that whole person that can greatly improve job performance. In the process of personal development, The Inglish Motivational Enhancement (“ME”) Method System helps prepare the sales and customer service representative to be more productive and effective in their profession as well as in their personal lives. For example: stress can be relieved through identification of its root and then prescriptive action applied. Energy can likewise be significantly improved. Barriers to performance can be broken and the representative can be better prepared to meet the implicit challenges of sales and customer service.


For greatest overall effectiveness, a company needs persons with skills that go far beyond “making the sale”. They need the skills to also accomplish “keeping the sale”, up-selling the sale and building positive customer relationships for future opportunities. The Inglish Motivational Enhancement (“ME”) Method System is designed to assist representatives in successfully meeting these and other challenges while greatly improving job satisfaction.


You will find our customized seminars to be highly competitive and affordably priced.



  • Individual Sales and Customer Service Development

  • Management Skills and Sales Team Development

A non-medical educational wellness model not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease